Software Development

Software development is not only programs, but also performs many other tasks:

  1. The collection requirements for software/equipment, analysis, development of the concept and detailed instructions.
  2. Verify that there is no such ready-made solution that could be used or adapted for a solution to your needs, which can save significant money and time.
  3. Design software architecture.
  4. Software development.
  5. Software testing.
  6. Selecting a computer or hosting. Application deployment.
  7. Remote administration of application and server.
  8. Development of embedded projects
  9. Further development of the application.

I have experience with the development of applications for desktops, servers, embedded HW, tablets/mobile phones with Android and web application development. In today's information world, interconnection of systems is required, such as e-shops and accountancy.

I am able to take over the development of an existing project and further develop it. When editing an existing program, it is needed start cooperation step by step.