I move the IT technology base of companies from prehistory to the top of the market

I started working with the computers because I was not satisfied with IT technology and I wanted to help others and myself.
I have been making customized solutions since 2009. I am programming in several programming languages. For each problem I always choose the most suitable language.
I am happy when my work helps somebody else and makes his work easier.
The development of software does not concern only making programs. At first it is necessary to understand the needs of a customer and the problem which is to be solved. Then the suggestion of the solution follows and then the exact specification must be done.

After implementation, it is necessary to maintain the servers where the implemented application runs.
I continuously propose and implement other ways to make work process more effective and I write the documentation.

If you need to solve IT problem or get some advice do not hesitate to contact me.

You can expect these advantages

I use both my theoretical knowledge which I got at my studies of information at the Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) as well as my practical experience. I always go to the heart of each problem and try to understand problems around me.

I have individual approach to each customer and I suggest the solutions and development which lead to the best result.

The software which I recommend I know well as a programmer and also as a user and therefore I am able to offer practical and complex advice. For example, I run Linux on my desktop too. On my client servers I run the same programs as my servers. Therefore I am able to explain in detail its functioning, point out possible problems and difficulties and suggest how to avoid them.

I prefer continuous personal consultations but at present I often use electronic communication, e.g. e-mail, chat (jabber), telephone or VoIP.

Writing documentation is standard for me. The project, who to live, needs maintenance and solution of requirements is very hard work, without documentation.

How to get started cooperation and how I work



When i work on projects, I learned the following techniques:

Soft skills

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I regularly attend conferences not only as a listener but also as a lecturer:

Personal achievements:


Cycling, swimming, cooking, informatics, aeroplane modeling.


I am a member of Geeklab and a supporter of OpenAlt .


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programátor Josef Jebavý


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