On this page you will find a list of conferences at which I lectured or had a workshop. And each has a link to download slides and a link to a video record.
     Date       Name and description Prezentation Video
2023-10-25 LifMat 2023: Automatic generation of understandable medical reports. Such a solution will save doctors time by ensuring that patients understand the messages. Prezentation
2021-11-07 OpenAlt: Podman - tool for container operation. Prezentation video
2021-04-22 PoSobota s03e05 : Php framework Nette behind reverse proxy. Prezentation video
2021-04-06 GeekLab: How to manage passwords securely and conveniently. Prezentation video
2021-03-06 InstallFest 2021: Convenient development for embedded devices with Linux. Prezentation video
2020-02-29 InstallFest 2020: Bitwarden: comfortable and secure password manager. Prezentation video
2019-04-13 OpenCamp Bratislava 2019: BTRFS filesystem and backup. Prezentation video
2019-03-02 InstallFest 2019: Workshop video editing in Linux using software Kdenlive. Prezentation video
2018-11-03 OpenAlt 2018: Moder file system BTRFS. Prezentation
2018-10-06 LinuxDays 2018: Moder file system BTRFS. Prezentation video
2017-11-04 OpenAlt 2017: Backup you computer by turn it on! Prezentation video
2016-04-02 Arduino Day 2016 Prague: Low power Wireless Arduino Prezentation
2015-11-07 OpenAlt 2015: Single-board computer Banana Pi R1. Prezentation video