Training: How to work from home

Does your company only work when employees meet in one place? Or is your company ready to workcompletely or partially distant?
In modern companies, especially in the field of IT, the subject of activity is digital. But even so, people often cannot do without face-to-face meetings such as training, meetings, and handing over accounting documents.
if you want streamline the operation of the companyand thus save money at the same time make work more pleasant for employees, learn to work remote.
In case of risk diseases such as flu, sore throat or coronavirus (covid-19), is remote work the best solution how minimize risks diseases and thus ensure smooth running of the company.
After all, it is in the company 's interest that employees are healthy and worked efficiently, which means to produce more work with lower costs and thus to create more profit.
Whatever the reason for the remote work, eventually, people will learn to use new effective procedures and tools.

You will learn at this cource

After completing the training remote work byou will know how to work remotely. You will know what to avoid. You will learn about typical tools that enable and streamline remote work.

Training syllabus

Knowledge requirements


Equipment requirements

This training I implement it online so that the participants can try out the remote work straight away. hat's why you need a computer with a browser, a microphone and a webcam. It doesn't matter what the OS is.

Advantage of the course

The course is designed for companies and teams of people who need or need to work without meeting in person and those who help make work more efficient.

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